David CrosbyIf She Called

She grinds her hips Maybe arches her back There’s nobody there to see when she is doing that The guy’s not there He just doesn’t exist She’s looking at empty space when she is doing this She might walk home She’s kind of tired Or spend some of the money on a cab she’s hired Below a bus groans by And splashes a man Who swears out a drunkard’s curse on the whole damned world She smiles at that And then starts to cry She scrubs at a spot on her leg and then lets it dry Then she’s sitting on the floor With her head hung down Listening to another language on TV Unaware, hair unbound Wondering where her mother and father might be If she called, if she called She dreams, she dreams Don’t we all dream A place, a way A recurring theme She remembers a time When love was alive Somehow it get’s lost in the sound of the city’s morning drive Lost in the sound of the city’s roaring, morning drive
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