BrideEverybody Knows My Name

Everybody knows my name, everybody wants the fame Everybody wants to see, everybody wants a piece of me Everybody wants the fun, everybody sees the gun Everybody be so kind, still got my piece of mind Everybody knows my name Everybody can you feel my pain I was born a poor boy, left home when I was four Momma never named me so I never was for sure I learned to read enough to know life was not so kind All I own is my guitar and my peace of mind I went out into the world to find my place in life I'm learning more every day surviving really bites They ask me for a line of coke, needles, knives and guns I said to myself I've fund home cause this place sounds like fun Everybody knows my name, everybody play the game Everybody wants the fame, everybody knows my name I've seen holy rollers, midnight strollers, cops shake with fear I've seen high heels clicking, red lipstick, blood, sweat and tears I've read about a man who died on a cross for everybody's sins if you want to make a change you've got to put your faith in him I've seen the limelight in new your city I've seen the rainbow in Hollywood walked the streets of London England the streets of gold look so good I voted for their politicians I've seen all the dirty religions I wore their three piece suits But I did not wear their army boots I didn't fire the guns of war Never knew what we were fighting for Everybody wants the fame Everybody knows my name © 2019