Porter WagonerFairchild

Your eyes're soft and gentle but your heart is hard and cold With the beauty of an angel and the devil in your soul Your looks're so deceiving you're so lovely yet so wild And I wish that I had never walked into your world fairchild Your lips could well deceive the smartest man that ever lived Before he learned that you just take and take and never give And I was just a victim that was captured by your smile What I thought would be heaven is hell on earth fairchild You say you're gonna leave me now your love for me has died Come let's talk it over as we take a little ride And tell me all about the plans behind your evil smile Maybe there's a chance that I might change your plans fairchild Yes fairchild I realize I'm driving much too fast But you've hurt me so many times but this will be your last The morning news will tell of how they found us side by side But it won't tell the truth about our accident fairchild
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