Richard McGrawLeaving You Forever

If I crashed into your marketplace with my solitary slur All the meaning, I could not pronounce, you?d have to infer Now I?m leaving you forever And I?ll make sure not to fly And if I do it won?t be over your sky There?s a lifetime I would wait for you If I thought it?d be a cure But as a I look inside my crystal ball I?m never quite that sure There?s no certainty in these games I play There?s no hope that I can keep There?s only last summer?s dream and they just put me to sleep Hope and you and some foolish school of thought I brought myself into You and the wicked man who weighs down on my mind So this is what you?ve done with your time And every time that I would kill for you; I have to take them back Because with you tied to my heart like that I could have a heart attack You can blame me for this weakness I can blame you for my disease Because you left the door open way too long And now I?m suffering from the breeze So say goodbye to the times where all my passion lies Say goodbye to the ghosts you call men I call ghosts and you can tell them that I was kind So this is what you?ve done with your time So this is what you?ve done with your time © 2019