I wanted the stars, you gave me the sky. It will never be enough My hunger strikes, I'm never satisfied I just can't consume enough. My will breaking, racing towards a bitter end. Choking on the aftertaste How can I survive on what you've given? It will never satiate. On these stars I've made a wish A million voices, a million fists. I wish I may, I wish I might Devour it all in one bite. Will all this ever be enough? I don't want to hunger anymore. Sometimes I lose my passion, forgetting all I loved. Is this the best we'll ever know? All my idols gave up long ago I'm terrified I'll lose the taste for all I've loved. When the sweetness starts to lose its taste The sour contaminates. From pretty pedestals we're getting all we've craved. Try to swallow up the shame. When beauty all decays and rots. I'm still starving deep inside Tearing petals off me one by one. Until I'm just barely alive. Is it ever enough? Forgotten all that I've loved. Is this the best we'll know? All my idols gave up so long ago.
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