Rick RossQuintessential

[Verse 1: Rick Ross] My paint wet, my bitch bad Straight mastermind, yo' rich ass My cup full, full of that pink shit So shut your fuckin' mouth, fuck all that weak shit This Double M-G shit, Double M-G shit She fuck my whole squad, she Double M-G bitch Just got that G-Wagon, I'm just so innovative We came for the money bags, so fuck your invitations This calls for a celebration, Bel-Air celebration 60 hoes in the basement, nigga covered all the bases Jabbar gave me a quarter, I sold it on the 1st I took it to my mama, "here go get what you deserve" Mob ties, Genovese Money trains, centerpiece We started at the bottom, until I got a bird I pull that pussy card, that was all ya heard Haan, haan, haan [Hook: Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross] My whole life been based on that pimp shit Haan No movie, just money, real pimp shit Haan More cities, more bitches, real slick shit Haan My Maybach it matches my outfit That pimp shit [Verse 2: Snoop Dogg] Keeping my tool, this shit so cool Rule number one, ain't no rule Swallow my lines, follow my grind Rich white bitch with a bottle of wine Word to the wise, word to mine Bird a fly, certified, murder eye, dirty die Never had black but she heard of my D-O-Dub, I done it all, 20 years I bang a ball '91 I had a Lexus nigga Ate seafood for breakfast nigga Caught a few cases in Texas nigga Do kushups 'til my chest get bigger I press a nigga 'til I get it all Real shit bitch I really do ball I am the west to y'all Taught y'all how to invest in ball Best of all, took it on a chest for y'all That's why I get more than the rest of y'all It's bad enough I entertain Add it up, gang bang Gat 'em up, slang cane Bag it up, same thang [Hook] [Outro: Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross] Titty one, titty two Haan See these are essentials, essentially speaking quintessentials Haan I bang it all, I dust it all, I smoke with all my dawgs I bang it all, I dust it all, I smoke with all my dawgs My paint wet, my feet chrome Fuck boys' hate, but they sing along The real niggas admire Success makes you inspire Nigga came from the jets, I just hired a pilot Bitches feeding me fruit
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