Flo RidaOnce In A Lifetime

[Hook][x2] Love comes once every now You and I know your love comes once in a lifetime Love comes once in a lifetime [Verse 1] She was the neighborhood dream girl Can look, but don't touch, they all wanna know us If it ain't with me, then it can't be no one When the groupies came to the show When the money started to grow You stayed down, don't play around Look at this girl we made now Been around the world and I came right back for your love Forgive me for the days and nights I was cutting up Wanted the motions in the ocean and emotions covered up From flashing lights in the club to magazine covered up Fly you to Miami and cop you floor seats And you would always tell me your heart was for me Way before the models ripped the runway It was us, drop-tops, speeding down the runway [Pre-hook] So let’s go I want you to know that you're special I'll never compare you to no one Baby, cause I know that your love comes Once in a lifetime [Hook][x2] [Verse 2] And she was prom queen, I'm just a new Jack My city tatted on my back, she had my back, I knew that But I started looking for more When they started feeling the flow Them girls trouble Come more than a lifetime and time don't wait for no one I'm out here like I throw ones and they dance for me My man he warn me how my come-up might just cancel me Now I gotta go fix that, get that, hit that He flip that in that like I used to be big D-A-D-D-Y I'm so special, she can't have another dude that woo her I got my Bugatti, but that just pickup [?] her That sears these years on lairs get weird My fear is tears that smears and make-up Don't ever make up, you better wake up [Pre-hook] + [Hook] [Bridge] I only got one life to live And I wanna spend it with you Love the money and the cars, but listen, baby You are what I’ve been missing [Hook]
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