Jimmy LiftonYou Can't Hide

Verse Say can you feel it now When the moon is bright You you wanna bring me down But it just aint right Mmm I can’t understand Why you tell me lies I wont be the mane who’s gonna run and hide Chorus: No I can't say What’s gonna be well wait and see No I can't say Where you will be when I want you right now I can’t say I want you girl I need you be my side I can’t say So run away and see if you can’t hide You can’t hide (repeat 2x) Verse Girl when I look at you with your eyes so bright You, you make my dreams come true but it just ain’t right Well I can’t understand why you tellin me lies No I wont be the man who’s gonna run and hide Repeat Chorus Bridge Hey it just can’t be true Tell me what I see Girl I’m the winner thru But it’s hard to see Girl I say you can't hide Mmm, just wont do Well you should be by my side Listen to what I’m tellin you Well I say you can’t hide Mmm I wont let go You’re gonna hurt my pride If you go I just don’t know Repeat Chorus
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