Falling In ReverseDie For You

[Verse 1] I admit, that I'm far from perfect Words are here to touch me like I want to The skies will bleed, come follow me, your puppet I will never trust you cuz our loyalty is dead! [Chorus] I would have died for you I've put myself hanging on your words And it goes to show how bad it hurts For what it's worth Some things are better left unsaid [Verse 2] You won't destroy me! This is your warning! I have a dark side! I have an omen [?] are sacred, 1000 years of torment Face up like a monster, forever like no other [Chorus] [Verse 3] Ah, pick it up! I'm no longer able too Believe in what we're fighting for Your lying soul will burn below [?] burning efforts slow Kill the person that you call your father And your mother, banishing that race That with the horror taught you of the dishonor The world as we know it is a muthafuckin' battleground! [Chorus]
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