Marina And The DiamondsSolitaire

[Verse 1] Don't wanna talk anymore I'm obsessed with silence I go home and I lock my door I can hear the sirens I see buildings and bars from the window And I listen to the wind blow I see people and cars covered in gold And I'm happy to be on my own [Pre-Chorus] Hard like a rock, cold like a stone White like a diamond, black like coal Cut like a jewel, yeah I repair Myself when you're not there [Chorus] Solitaire Something you consider Rare I don't wanna be compared With that cheap shimmer and glitter Solitaire [Verse 2] I'm in love with ice blue grey skies of England I'll admit all I wanna do is get drunk and silent Watch my life unfold all around me Like a beautiful garden I see flowers so tall they surround me Oh my heart, it became so hardened [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] [Bridge] And all the other jewels around me They astounded me at first I covered up my heart in boundaries And all the fakes they called me cursed But I'm not cursed, I'm not cursed I was just covered in the dirt [Chorus] © 2018