GrungenectarDitchin' School

(Intro) I don't wanna go to school I just ditch it every day I was born for making rules Teacher said I threw away my brain No no no no no no Oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh (Verse 1) I never feel like hell When you're not here Spent my life secluded Trained my ear Blurry vision Paints a picture clear At the break of day We'll awake and play Never met my dad A bastard son I dropped out of school Then shot my guns Marijuana smoke Guitars and drums Let me taste your pain Do away for shame Hide away your face (Bridge) Who shot Savannah With a nickel plated pistol I've been hallucinating faces, yeah I'm nothing ordinary Juvenile delinquent Won't even waste your breath Sick in the mind I've got vampyric hightened senses Conquered the planet I'm an ancient, yeah Who wrote the song That kept the hippies high And dancing Won't even waste your breath (Chorus) Yeah Yeah I waste my time Yeah yeah I lost my mind Yeah yeah Crappy attitude I'm breakin' down I'm breakin' down (Verse 2) I'm a lazy slob So screw this job Rather be myself Than what I'm not If you rub me wrong I just might walk Do away for shame Hide your face away Send it up in smoke And keep things real Treat people the way you'd want to feel Preach another word and I might kill Close your eyes and pray in the safest place Love the way you taste © 2019