Karen MantlerMy Cat Arnold Is Dead

Karen: "Arnold More than a cat, he’s not just any cat Big furry pillow with claws Arnold I love you so much All I do is think of you They ask me what’s wrong It’s just that Arnold Is so nice I can’t bear to lose him Arnold I loved him Arnold My only friend Now he’s dead" Guy: "I know it’s hard I feel the same way" Karen: "How could you know what he meant to me? I loved him – so much He was my cat (Arnold) The only cat I ever truly loved (Arnold) I can’t believe he’s gone (Arnold) He might be dead, but I still play a song He was my cat (Arnold) How could he die and leave me all alone? Arnold I miss him Arnold Now that he’s gone – I’m alone" Guy: "You’re not alone" Band: "You still have us, dear" Karen: "It’s not the same How can I go on? Without him, I’m lost" He was my cat All: "Arnold One look at you, it was love at first sight So soft and fat, what a cat Arnold, who could resist you? Touching you was paradise They think we’re cra-zy But if you held him You’d agree there’s no cat as great as Arnold"
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