[Verse:] Whoever thought a yungen' from a city full of rattle snakes Was ever gon' make it out the grass patch 7 heels had me looking for a better deal A hood nigga I couldn't count on the Nasdaq Coming home from school, I had tears in my eyes They was picking on me and wouldn't give me my hat back Now I got enough hats to give away It's better days, I refuse to have flashbacks Nobody thought I knew what I was doing Nobody believes so nobody would walk me through it But nobody achieved what I achieved If only somebody could have just seen what I seen Said they praying for me, don't we all got needs ‘Til I walk in the room and they all just freeze And they all look relieved like shit If he made it now we all got cheese, nah Homie that ain't the way it work Especially if you ain't even put in a day of work Now they going crazy cause I made it first See homie I just made it work It's a cold word, ask my old girl She feel my pain and I ain't even tryin' to make it hurt And my daddy proud of me But he got too much pride to say it out loud for me Got that keyboard off the road boarded in the house for me He coming to my shows hanging in the crowd for me Man I still love my niggas The only thing that I ask is that they hold it down for me I still rep the 850 yeah I got it tatted on my arm, it ain't goin' nowhere But motherfuckers will say that you changed And they the ones that wouldn't last a day in this game Don't get me wrong I ain't saying I stayed the same But I guarantee that I will never succumb to the fame That's some bullshit, and y'all know that ain't me But I'd rather grow up than to stay eighteen Life goes on and hopfully only great things Travelling the world and seeing shit that I ain't seen Then one day I look at my reflection And realise how I been actin' and how I been dressing I realise I can make an impression But good Lord this is fuckin' depressin' And good lord I got some fuckin' questions I think it's time for some mo'fuckin' confessions Wake up call, wake up call My answer to every question was “fuck y'all” All I need is this 9-11 to fuck broads I just need to find a seven with enough flaws My last album ain't do numbers like I wanted to But that was God tryna ask me what I'm gonna do He said “I hate to put obstacles right in front of you But you gotta learn to get out of what you're goin' through” Hurdles got jumped, mountains got climbed Til' molly came and put a fuckin' wall up in my mind Now I'm in the crib trippin', complainin' and bitchin' That liqour [?] I'm in here reminiscing How many niggas told me I was gonna fail Cause I got a list of niggas that can go to hell They feel like I owe ‘em something cause they know me well Calling me a sellout cause I won't come back and smoke a L The same nigga that told me I had a hit Charged me 300 to put it up in his mix Now suicide lookin' better than hittin' the lick Cause the whole time they knew that I was livin' out my whip But now I see ‘em, and I can't even take a it Cause he walk up to me ans say “boy I knew you was gon' make it And like motherfucker do you not just recall? I needed help and you just left me sittin' on my balls” That just wasn't the right life So I told a bullshit to have a nice life And all them girls yellin' at me from in front of the moon Like nigga how you just gonna go and get a white wife? Fuck you bitches, I did what I did Now I'm running round my mansion doing shit with my kids But now maybe my life is too sweet Like I woke up in that Bugatti and went right back to sleep Deep, I was dreaming, y'all niggas was scheming Like crabs up in the bucket but y'all just got to feed it And all these bitches, all just want my semen The star collecting checks and ball up in the season But ain't nobody give a fuck when ain't nobody give a fuck Now they got they hand out asking me to give it up And everytime they ask me for something They say “Now you know that I ain't never asked you for nothin'” I got loss, I got loss Credit cards got swiped, money got tossed Hundred after hundred, dollar after dollar Drinking every kind of liquor then that molly got swallowed I know I fucked up cause I'm a grown man So now I'm thinking like my old man He said “You wanna make God laugh? Then look up in the sky and try and come up with your own plan” Now I see my niggas just want me to win But I won't have ‘em if I keep disrespecting my friends They been through it, say they know the feel So all I need is a trip up to Stoicville
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