Azealia BanksMiss Amor

[Verse:] I went downtown to breeze thru freaks I got a job interview with Hebrew G Pump-shigga-pump-parrump-pump Pump-parrrrump-pa-rrum-pump Rum diggy dum, the yum-yum scums Was on the hunt for the rhythm in London once Pump-shigga-pump-parrump-pump Hey, I make you jump, I jump jump jump I be hip in the hands, see it's that cool You be grippin the Stacy, bitch that's you's Spit the rhythm and lacy's, spit that ooh Nigga, I'll Hip-Hop you I'll be fit in the Stacy's, it's that new I'll be flippin' the weed, young sis that's soon I'll be filmin' the freak-freak in the nude I'm a... [Chorus:] Pure, [?] Lady Aurora, Monsieur my eyes [?] [Verse 2:] Pump-shigga-whump the [?] I get it done d-d-d-d the young want some C***-t-t c*** cunt c*** cunt-t-t c*** cunt c*** Yum-jiggle-buns the [?] [?] Hump-shigga-hump-parrrump-pump Hump-shigga-hump-parrrump-pump [?] © 2018