Azealia BanksIdle Delilah

[Verse:] Idle Miss Delilah Darling, do you like beige in your Coffee? Tea? A wild-? Wild breeze On a day, a dawn Oft indeed a child, smiles at me Cause I'm made of yarn Dolly, me? Am I? I'll trade a dollar for you dime, I'll Idle Miss Delilah Drowning trees remind me of my Darling D the diver Diver D was a sinner of Father Made him run away with the stale lung Following me a mile Idle Miss Delilah [Chorus:] Darling Miss Delilah While you're wasting your days alone All your friends are higher All your friends are just Try to cheat the dial Look the other way It can't play out wrong Are you suicidal? Are you in denial? Idle Miss Delilah While you wake for my latest song Glad to see you smile Glad to see you so stable Was all of these divided by the Pilot... On the nape of your Dolly me? Am I? I'll trade a dollar for your dime I'll take you [Verse 2:] Slick... Stack on 3 high Can't deal with the bullshit cause the crap ain't me He took you to cruise ships, put a yacht on me He said the puss deeper than the deep blue sea Indeed the puss deeper than the three foot jeans © 2018