[Hook: Pharrell] (Paperwork) Don't do no business until you check his (paperwork) And if all else fails, I just hope that this (paperwork) [?] through the roof Everything got a cost, they gone need something on you (Paperwork) [Verse 1: ti] Atl, Westside, that's the only home I know In '85, me and Uncle Quint used to ride around in the big Bronco Took me up to [?] disco, daytime, set me down at the bar Where I drank Shirley Temple 'til he walked out with a bag and we got back in the car What you wanna be he ask? When you grow up big kid? I just wanna be like you, ridin' round town gettin' bread We shot a couple Lac, couple summer pass, Uncle quint ain't nowhere to be found Later we learn that someone ratted him out, For that reason 10 years he won't be around [Hook: Pharrell] [Verse 2: ti] Picture me in '93, I'm the only man I see Fresh up off the porch looking for the drop Porsche and the fake I'd Introduce me to the crack game, Rap game was the furthest from my mind Had a notebook full of rhymes and a pocket full of crack rock dimes [Bridge: ti] Time on my side, lift. 45 in my jean Open fire if you seem to be blocking my dreams, yessir [Verse 3: ti] Welfare, food stamps, section eight, Me and Ma lived in the trap I said fuck school, it holdin' me back I wanna bankroll, chasin' after that [Hook: Pharrell] [Verse 4: ti] Look at me at 17, livin' on my own, peddlin' quarter key Now and then sellin' weed, tokin' too, cost my first felony That's [?] follow, drinkin' Henney up out the bottle Told a child I think I'm bein' followed Family don't think I'll live to see tomorrow Pay to have a story like mine Not many you had a little nine Not many and you did a little dirt Too many did a little time Wake up, 10 years of your life pass when you get your cake up Don't it seem like [?] when the Feds on your ass Passin' out [Hook: Pharrell] [Verse 5: Pharrell] If you think that you high, baby look above you It's drones in the sky, There's nothing you could do So left, two, three snap Right two, three snap Don't [?] it's too late for that Cause they got [Bridge: ti] [Hook: Pharrell] The two southern legends team up as ti talks about his life growing up over Pharrell's beat.
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