Chief KeefBeetle Juice

[Hook: Chief Keef] Fredo out the cut, come and rob you cause we need it Bally got the semi, he gonna blast it when he see you Tray Savage got the Mac, he gonna shoot at yo damn teeth and Tadoe got my Tec, better run, he gon' leave you Where you standin' at? Cause that's what we do And I roll around in a car with something illegal And I ain't got no license, so I am illegal No I ain't no beetle but I got that beetlejuice [Verse 1: Chief Keef] I don't let it squeeze boo, unless I need to You ain't gotta worry boo, I know how to handle these two I mean handle tool, up dis pole I damage you Leave you where you standin' too You, him, and your crew Baby, I'm a bandit boo, think I need a band-aid too And I'm ridin' in my coupe and I got my semi too And I'm ridin' heavy too with my pistol ready to shoot And I'm finna shoot, bullets enter into you [Hook: Chief Keef] [Verse 2: Chief Keef] Gino got that Desert Eagle Justo tote a clip its see thru Republican totin' a burrito Beretta, shoot you in your damn throat Blood dead, made ****as bleed though I smoke Swishas, who said it was sweet though? I still come and rob you for your kilo You know you ain't catch no body bout a week ago [Hook: Chief Keef] [Verse 3: Fredo Santana] Fredo in the cut, hell yeah I'm ready to shoot somethin' Stomp a ****a out, wheat timbs with my double cups All I need some lean, hell yea, need two cups Need my **** sucked, **** one bitch, I need two sluts Call my plug up, tell him what the **** he taxin' for? I don't even give a ****, Blood folks kick it though You ain't talkin' money man? What the **** you talkin' for? Shoot this pistol on my lap, **** you think I'm toting it for? [Hook: Chief Keef] © 2019