Young JeezyHoly Ghost

[Verse 1:] What’s in the back of my mind, sittin’ in the back of that thang With the two double are sittin’ in the back of my brain Anywhere but here, that’s what I told my sofa And this shit gettin’ heavy, weight of the world on my shoulders Think you figured it out, but you don’t have a clue Think you on top of the world but the world on top of you I started hustlin’ for draws and now there’s plaques on the walls Think I’m sellin’ my soul? Then you can come get ‘em all Trade ‘em all for my dawgs, yea, I’m talkin’ to you Where did we go wrong? Because I don’t have a clue You just wanna hit the mall and buy a new pair of shoes But it’s real consequences nigga remember the rules So I regret the day you ever serve that nigga Took 5 years of your life, you didn’t deserve that nigga I guess power and pain look it’s somewhat the same I lost my dawg to the fame, I charge it all to the game [Hook:] Please Lord forgive him, you know he got that thug in him We lust for alcohol and we love women And ain’t nobody gave us nothin’, so we drug dealin’ You know we coppin’ Louie loafers just to thug in ‘em And when you made it that far, you should be makin’ a toast Got the seats reclined and I be doin’ the most In the back of this Holy Ghost In the back of this Holy Ghost In the back of this Holy Ghost [Verse 2:] I said we came so far but yet it feel so surreal Hood nigga, half a mili, automobile I’m talkin’ real luxury, don’t feel a bump in the road We ain’t like the rest of these niggas that fall out over hoes Thought you my nigga forever, thought that you could be trusted Man I found out you takin’ it, really had me disgusted Nigga, who am I kiddin’? It felt like a heart attack Cause I gave you my heart and didn’t ask for it back And to be honest with you, I really thought we were brothers Fuck everyone in this world as long as we have each other Woulda done anyything, took a trafficking charge Everyday on my head just to see you livin’ large Gangster pitted it kills, gave you your first mill And I ain’t tell you to blow it, I ain’t tell you to throw it You fell a victim to pressure, yea, I know it can stress ya But you’re only a man, homie, I can’t be mad at ya [Hook:] [Verse 3:] How can ya see out the windows between your shades and your tint Sippin’ good in the back, I’m like fuck it, I’m bent If it don’t make dollars, then it don’t make any sense They sayin’ I owe ‘em dollars and that don’t make any sense Almost fell for the bait, almost fell for the hate And I’m the same nigga that let you niggas eat off my plate Saw that shit from the door, knew that shit from the go I guess this how I go, sit back and laugh at the show Remember back in the day a nigga took your shit Told you don’t put it there and a nigga stole your brick Didn’t I put ya back on, did I handle ya wrong? When niggas start actin’ weak that means it time to be strong See I kept it so real, I ain’t keep it real with myself I’m gone be real with you niggas, I gotta be real with myself And I’m gone be real with ya homie, look you don’t got me convinced Is this payback for my sins? I guess I gotta repent [Hook:] © 2018