alt-JEvery Other Freckle

Every Other Freckle I want to share your mouthful I want to do all the things your lungs do so well I'm gonna bend into you like a cat fits into a beanbag Turn you inside out to lick you like a crisp packet You're the first and last of your kind (Pull me like an animal on top of I) I wanna be every lever you pull And all showers that shower you Gonna paw, paw at you Like a cat paws at my woolen jumper [?] Devour me New, new let the cover girls sing All hand claps, you will clap (Let me be the wallpaper that Annotatepapers up your room) I wanna be every button you press And all mouth fits around you Yes I'm gonna run around you Like a cat runs around a thousand patios I'm gonna kiss you, like the sun browns you Devour me Devour me If you really think that you could devour me me [Outro:] x8 I want every other freckle © 2018