Jesse McCartneyIn Technicolor Part 1

(Verse) Get a job, pay the rent Wash, rinse, repeat, do it again We all live in a black and white world (Verse) But let’s face it, while time’s wasting We’re all here with the same motivation Tryna find that someone who sees your words (Chorus) Technicolor Waiting for that… Technicolor Searching for that… Technicolor Waiting for that… Technicolor (Verse) When I’ll find her, game over My future, uncovered The good, the bad, the in-between Perfect insanity (Verse) She’ll hate me when I love her And we’ll fight like this forever But she’s a dream and she’s mine A spectrum of beauty and lies (Chorus) Technicolor All I see is… Technicolor She’s loving me… Technicolor Now I see… Technicolor © 2019