Old enough to know when I've been wrong
Yes and fool enough to think I still might change
I've been out of place but right on time and still I've
Let you down
We've been lovers and we've fought
It would help me if I thought you might remember me
Not for what I've done
But for the other things I'd always meant to do
'Cause like a child who's learned the ways of life
You opened up my eyes with a love that's always new
Yes I owe it all to you

'Cause when the world outside was sure that I was only
Chasing rainbows
You could find the words to say to make me strong
Holding on to me and whispering "there is nothing wrong
With rainbows"
You heard my song you hear my song and so remember
Me as one who came to love and found a perfect love
To help along the way and if tomorrow you should find
That I'm no longer by your side then it was time for
Me to go and it would help me just to know that you'd
Remember me as one who came to love and found a perfect
Love to help along the way
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A Perfect Love Lyrics

Pussycat – A Perfect Love Lyrics