[Verse 1]
Two-door, four-door, sedan, roadster
Cabriolet convertible, careening in the coaster
Christian Louboutin, straps is like a holster
We balling — ESPN highlights, posters
Tangerine Lambos, mimosa, raise a toast
We at the Grammys, then Miami
Playing Boca like it’s poker
Had a room at the La Quinta
Full of soldiers, full of coca
Feel a ulcer
Hundred grand up in the sofa, reupholstered
I am twisted
Saying Heath Ledger Joker to you jokers
If you Tony, I hang up, send a hit, I am Sosa
I am cultured, I am legend
I am Liva, I am closer
To the best writer alive
Other two, I’m the closest
No holsters, no chauffeurs
No mask, no witness
No corpus, no guts, no glory, no joking
All-Star we play
C-I-two A
And 2 Chainz, with my bad bitch — it’s my b-day
This life that we live is for the connaisseurs
Carnival, gives our form
Everyday pool side cabana floss
Mami in Monolos, I’m in that Gucci polo
With the multi color moving dolo on my solo
My niggas that’s in prison I’m their eyes and their ears
Every champagne night, for every laugh there’s a tear
There’s a picture being shown, every jail every tear
Representing so my niggas know I’m here
Poloroids being shown in every jail, every tear
Representing all my niggas know I shared from the heart
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Liva Re Up Gang Motivation Lyrics

Pusha T – Liva Re Up Gang Motivation Lyrics