Thirty-Thousand feet up.
So much on my mind so no feet up.
Paranoid as ever little kid drooling on my sweater, but it's okay' they dreaming about models'
Stripping out they dolce, I'm like, "why can't I have it all?" sometimes It just sets me off, like car alarms, and bombs and desert storm, nig-nig-niggas' on my back like double D'S, dynamic duo demolished by dolos' zig-zags' got me living like in slow-mo I got that austin powers mojo but I need that ophra bankroll, a couple mill would have me lay low in a day-yo pushin' a maybo smashin' nothing like the same HOE' supreme box logo and boatloads' and boatloads' I know it sound nice, but it only sound nice. I know it sound nice but it only sound nice.
Keys Hook:
The flight, The flight
The flight, The flight
The flight, The flight

Salty, just wanted my motherfucking peanuts ya know?

Bitch! Gimme my peanuts.
My peanuts.
Bitch! Gimme my peanuts.
My peanuts.

And I'm so! Oh Hi!
Ohh so high up,
David blaine with the paperplanes'
Had to hide them, putting puffs in the air
In the bathroom' stuartess came through'
"what's going in that room?"
Some high notes' The mile high club's newest
Memeber just finished his high hopes' and I got no soap but I came to do you lames dirty anyways'
No way any day you can stop it Ice pick equipped, lets get into the cock pit' at the door was a cop with a glock so I stopped, and then he sneezed, copped the glock popped out the back of his knees' aha dam G' now you can't really stand me,
Fucc that, gimme them damn keys' I said "gimme them damn" now I got the keys to the skies!
Fuc you Mr.Pilot man why? I'm flyin!
Came on the mic like "Purple Monkey Sircus"!
I gotta make a stop right quick,
Passengers' saying "OH SHIT" bitches
Saying "well damn" fuccc all of your flight plans, bitch we heading the land,
I'm the motherfucking man on the flight!

Keys Hook:
The flight, The flight
The flight, The flight
The flight, The flight 4x.
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The Flight Lyrics

Purple Monkey Sircus – The Flight Lyrics

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