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Bigger The Better Lyrics

Puppetmastaz – Bigger The Better Lyrics

I be droppin' it by, taking you past the work hive:
Never to stop, never to top - better to crop the real life!
I be hoppin' it by snuggles the bunny has realized:
The better the pay, the lesser the day; better to opt and breath right
I be choppin' the lies trying to make your brain right
Breakin' your back just like your dad: money ain't equal to sunlight!
Shape of the time, raping your mind, making you lie
Taking the fine, making a dime, taking your lives, scrapin the sky, shipping your rights

You think the bigger the better, but we got time forever!
We ain't no sheep or shepherds but they are blindly fed up
Don't think the smaller the lesser, the sun is shining clever:
We are the panther leopards bout time to make time forever!

Pump up the volume doin the move
It's Ducci gonna hide the whole treasure and proof
That we comin' the bigger the better you listening to
And by the way this no old this zooschool hey
Don't this itch like push the switch right
Fourty figures is feddin' up with mankind
This is the one and only truth and it hurts
Now it's time to givin' out Puppets red alert!

You think the bigger the better but I tell you
The smaller comes fatter, lower expectations come to please
Exotic like the Vietnamese Vietcong spykin'?
Microphone hikin pitchin yes you hear da frogs is bitchinpsychin'?
If you can reduceem to da big Donky Kong
Pussy is juicin' me up like a midnight track on
Yo track I hit yo sack, ossible size of ya verse come smallest
You know vice versa come tallest
I take ya rhyme And hit ya ballest turntable cause you know
Low-fi and still able to kick it and break it and then shake it off


Being here? Not a choice a lotta boys fought our noise
Just be happy that we brought our toys
Not annoyed cause now a figga gotta voice
Look kid you not gotta oughta got a Royce
You wanna think big?
You oughta think pig he got a big stink pink rig bling big
Goldchains you're just another fuckin' swing kid
Rumble with bumble--you'll cross bee like Bing did
Badabing not a thing
Is gonna stop us when we gotta sing a lotta bling
On your chest won't protect your neck when we test you attempt to sing
And you hear not a thing hollering:
"The bigger the better the fatter the cheddar"
Whatever I still write with the feather
Titles get severed spit hurricanes make you fight with the weather
Puppets United Forever


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