Eyes are clean eyes are clones
You were leased now now you're owned
Rats are reeling in your pool
Brats are breeding in your school
Filthy swine everywhere
No they don't really care
Television isn't real
Telling you how to feel

It's distortion

Saw the angels came to play
Come to wah your fears away
Superman will save the day
But there's a priest you have to pay
Wolves are gnawning at your heels
And it's hard to make a deal
Is there something I could do
Coz you haven't got a clue

(Repeat chorus)

They will tell you that you're wrong
They will make you pay along
They will tell you that you're through
Still they want a piece of you

(Repeat chorus 2x)
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Distortion Lyrics

Pupil – Distortion Lyrics