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Outta My Face Lyrics

Puffball – Outta My Face Lyrics

You're a natural born expert on making me sick.
And I'm trying to figure out what makes you tick.
I stay away from you so why don't you leave me be.
Do I have to lock you up and swallow the key ?
Just get outta my face or I'll get in yours.
I'll fuck you up for all time and feel no remorse.
I don't wanna see you I don't want you around.
Get yourself some treatment 'cause you're far from sound.

Get outta my face !
Get outta my face !
Get outta my face !

You're a backstabber deluxe and a bringer of the grey.
I seem to be your target but I promise you will pay.
So jump into the fire and check what I can do.
You think that you're superior but that's very far from true.
Watch me map you out, let me get some time to probe.
I'll get my plan going and wipe you off the globe.
So get outta my face and stay out of my sight.
Keep this terror going and your future won't be bright.

Get outta my face !
Get outta my face !
Get outta my face !
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