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No Lyrics

Public Enemy – No Lyrics

The easiest and the hardest word to say is
Only got two letters
Only takes a second to say it
No meanin No
No contest no stress
No guessin
No body guards
No question

No comeback stories no corny
Choruses No glories no hallelujahs
No landcruisers no drug users
No grins no trends
No phony azz friends
Who begin wit ends and end wit no ends
And no estrogen
No gassups no soups no lexcoups
No crackers no backers no niggas
For the blackers no triple teams
No mainstream dreams
No stress beams no accusations
Cop chases or court cases
No rape charges no sarges no Debarges
No lightweight bouts, up in the air
Shoot outs and no sellouts
No negros with egos no mo shows
Callin women bitches and hoes
No thoughtless flows no woes
No singin voices no rolls royces
No wack choices
No volunteers getting peers of career
No solutions no problems
No more vinyl revolving
No happy campers no offense
No funk samples
No suckertash
No girl I got the cash raps
No s** traps
No Rolexes no unprotected sexes
No false hopes
No hand ropes boats no car notes
No killers no vanilla
No bigger willies no Wilmas
No jail time no fuckin lil kid rhymes
No studio terrors no mirrors
Look ma no spelling errors
No absent pops, no sweatshops
No pork chops
No justice no peace no please please
No legal freestyles no willies, no
No industry rapes, capes no suits no
No stars no over paid A&R's
No body guards gold teeth
No east coast, west coast beefs
No dumb looks, no one sided books
No finesse no mess no struggle no
No hittin sprees no hiv no lies
From no tv's
No contracts no tracks with no mechanicals
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