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Niggativity, Do I Dare Disturb The Universe? Lyrics

Public Enemy – Niggativity, Do I Dare Disturb The Universe? Lyrics

Verse I
No buddah bliss
Shee musta missed it
Still bangin wit the anger
Kissed a soul sanger
Class of 78 sunset strip
Been outta high
20 years
With 30 somethinish peers
What a trip
Never drank beer
With the boyz
But the love we shared
Was for the art of noise
Make me cough
I'm not a chimney
So you can't call that shit soft
What turned me off
Swore their breath stunk
Plus/I never got out rhymed by a drunk
Now a style is your hair or something you
Wear who said it's getting zooted
Till your brains polluted, I ain't playin
This mainstain stayin rooted
Instead of be'in pimped & then prostituted
Won't be the last time
Cause it ain't the first
So do I dare disturb the universe?

Verse ii
No you turn
I pumped up, hittin switchez
But all this talk
Reflect niggas & bitchez(not sure about this line chuck)
Where did that come from
Only the labels
Can explain
But they play dumb
While they take from
I hit em up the rhyme uppercut
Tell me what have they
Done for me lately
But hate me
Attack me might as well be damn Pataki
This hip hops in me
So they can't stop me
The rhyme animal
Has resurfaced wreckin all
Elements destroyin irrelevant
Because it all comes down to this
What good is talking bout the hood
When you got mutherfucken madness
Am I ringin those senses
Brothers drinkin worse shit
Then they're pourin in their benzes
I give a damn to a point
It'll make me curse

Verse iii
See I always been a rebel
Now I got my own kind blind
Brain trained on the devil level
You don't measure a man
By what he got
It's what he does
What he left & what he
Takin care of
A brother like me annoys em
But I'm kool G when I
Rap about em it's like poison
Everybody wanna Big Willie
Chasin down loot
Dole & Newt
Who do you shoot?
I'm fingerin targets
While ya figurin
Figgaro Figgaro
Soup opera for the niggaro
I ain't chasin
No movies like Jason
Or loolapalooza
Cause I ain't no looser
Ruff stuff to the babies
To the heads of heads
But I ain't crazy
Chorus to the chorus
Verse to verse
But do I dare to disturb the universe?
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