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Free Big Willie Lyrics

Public Enemy – Free Big Willie Lyrics

Verse I
No mistako
Not just some whacko from Waco
Crazy ill plead insanity
Just to save humanity
Be good like no Johnny
Never liked no Guliani
Cause they never could stop me
Not their imaginary Rocky
Get me then acquit me attack me
What a shock to Pataki
Here here watch a brother
Duck the chair
I fear only the one
Upstairs who got no
I'm not part of the click
It's whatcha see is whatcha get
My realitites personal
Many times rhymes forget
Some ain't heavy like others
But they still be my brothers
Disgusted at the
Other folk laughin at us
Wit the ashes to ashes
The bluntz to the bluntz
A chip off the (can't read this line chuck)**
And get the word in
Maybe that's why a brother like me
Shoulders the burden
I smells between the white sheets
A hell of a beast
In the back lurkin
Don't front step to the circle

Verse ii
Spending more time in the air than
A flight attendant
The rhyme got winded on the way up
On what I thought was a lay up
These two cent criticizers don't
Realize we all under a microscope
Of a nation of other folk
So all this nigga callin is we fallin
Attitude have we forgotten
Entertaining is todays way of picken cotton
So that the younger bees and gees
Think all we can bees is a big dreamer
In order to get a Benz or a beemer
Some stuck in that 96
Lexus per minute shit
It's that same'ol story that bores me
Ignores me
My metaphors be over
That head of even heads
To some I'm prophetic
To the rest I'm pathetic
Led a movement of mentals
Against the feds and point spread
On beats madd noize and funky instrumentals
There once was a time
We fought the power with a rhyme
Now the attitude goin round
No use tryin

Verse iii
Got more hits than Pete Rose
Had for the Reds
Now they be on anything Deion
Except I'm in a zone now getin wreck
I get around
Can I get down like Craig Mack
How can I get down
Back like sock'em robots who
Forget it was him
Who parlayed
The styles of krs & Rakim
And brought it to a different level
Against the so called devil
Who had the nerve to throw a bell curve
And test me, arrest me
Lemme go let I grow no
I've been thru the afro
It's been a long time so my childhoods
Unlike today
As we be watchin us pay
The price that bugs me know'n that God
Don't like ugly
Got a free pair of lugz
To run quicker from the slugz
But slipped from the madd dirt
That was swept under the rug
A lil'down, but not out
Not what you thought it was
Peace no beefs, I getz love
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