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Cruelty Incarnate Lyrics

Psycroptic – Cruelty Incarnate Lyrics

There's a story of a moment in time, many an aeon ago
A brutal ruler existed, in times of medieval
He was king (of an) ago old country, many within
Feared - by all those who dwelled in this kingdom - all!
Many of them peasants - poor!
Servants to a tyrant - slaves!
Born for his use
Between the rich huge divide
Lords and lawmen and their wives
They live their lives in comfort
But like the peasants they fear.....
... The..... King!
For each day they thank god they're alive
As they wake, and they pray each and
Every night - that morning comes
For the king likes to abduct each night
Two people for, morbid fun
He ties them up and takes them to his home - the castle
Once he gets there, he takes them down
Into the torture room. He screams with joy as he puts
Them instantly into contraptions
The male is nailed to a wall,
And his legs are placed in acid
As his legs are eaten the female is devoured by rodents-
Alive!... The pain.... So extreme
The king he throws back his head
He's so glad neither are dead
Removes the half man from the wall
Rips out the nails lets him fall
Takes the rats from the womans mangled figure
Then douses her body with kerosene
Strikes, a flint, creating a spark which ignites her
And she's screaming to his delight
As she screams he slits the mans throat-
Increasing his excitement
His mouth commands his people but-
His pleasues shall rule their... Lives.
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