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Ice Planet Hell Lyrics

Psychotica – Ice Planet Hell Lyrics

I think I'm stuck
makin no excuses and passing the buck
well I've just had twenty long years
twenty long years of real bad luck
crystal clear ringin in my ear like a bell
I'm comin from ice planet hell
and the germ I caught from the hill
can't be fixed with a little happy pill

And it's so cool and it's so swell
living here on ice planet hell

The hills a jinx
my boyfriend cried when his best friend died
one's in the slammer for a very long time
boy on the corner still drinkin his goddamn wine
unicycle boy, he touched that hill
his arm fell off when he took a spill
that's how it is when you come from my block
the only trouble was there was no electric shock

Living here on ice planet hell

And we'll crawl home, fall home
fly home and die home
when will I see you standing in the acid rain
fall to your knees and call my name, call my name

Well everybody died from that time
and I don't know why, I'm still alive
but everybody's dead and everybody's gone
and I'm all alone on Ice Planet Hell
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