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Thumpin Lyrics

Psychopathic Rydas – Thumpin Lyrics

Bare nuts baby
We finna get our swang on
Old school throwin' down
Be some great fun
Look at my knuckles
I'm missin' three humps (ungh)
That's from bustin' heads on tump
I'ma tell you like this (Tell 'em)
You don't win
'cause I break you neck when I rock you chin
Don't take much for me to get 'em up (Plah)
Mean mug shoulder shrug
And I'ma hit 'em up (Yea)
And don't try me with the kung-fu shit
'cause I'll slack your fuckin' head
With a cue stick (Yea)
Could be I ain't the greatest around
But I damn sure crunk your face off
Believe that
Hater and Instigators
Don't test me (woo)
One throat punch'll collapse your chest piece
And it ain't no law to the dump (yeah)
25 Rydas run it up (Ye-Yeah!)
If you dump
It ain't down with the hatchet
It's manditory law that you catch it
It all starts when I sing the eye
Then everybody jumps in (ahhhh) (bye Bye)

Gangsta, Gangsta
Come and get some
Gangsta, Gangsta
Lil' boy
Gangsta, Gangsta
You don't want none

What you thought homeboy (what?)
Meet me in the street
And anybody else in the bitch who got beef
We the Ryda click fool (yeah)
And we love to fight
Foe Foe be the mafucker down on site
Get you jaw broke ho
'cause you talk a tune
I have you sippin' out a straw
For a couple a months
For a little bit a fun (yeah-yea)
I'm fightin' two on one
Knock you out
And watch your homeboy run (Biatch)
Mean muggin' ain't a friend a mine
And if ya look at me wrong
I'ma bust you in the eye
Leave ya head wide open
With a broken nose bitch
Shoulda known trick (what?)
This ain't no hoe shit (right)

Hands up bitch
You wanna come test me?
Keep flappin' ya jaw
Get it broke quickly
Just like I leaves
Sting like a bee
Before you get up
Knock out the scene
Why you after ten
Leave you body on the pavement
Cop grabbed me
So I get three kicks in
I'm a killa
Tonight I'm steady stompin'
Takin' any mothafucka out
From here to Brooklyn
Give 'em brain damage
A sucka half retarded
Step on up
And be the first to get it started
Bitch I'ma nut-case
All about thumpin'
Mr. "Stomp a nigga"
And I'm still straight thumpin' (yea)

Gangsta, Gangsta
Come and get some
Gangsta, Gangsta
Lil' boy
Gangsta, Gangsta
You don't want none

Bitch if I knuckle up (wha?)
Somebody gettin' fucked up (yup)
I'm wirin' jaw and mouths shut
Swingin' on you with the 8-0-L-B-S's
Guard your grill
I'm blowin' out ya chests (wa-cha)
My suggestion is
Swing back and get beat
I been known to knock a nigga off his feet
You drinkin' all that drank
And talkin' all that flack
Now come outside
And get your mothafuckin' drunk ass (yeah-yea)
Shakin' like a bitch
Reachin' fo yo heat
While my homeboy stompin' yo folk up in the street (Get the fuck out mafucka)
If ya talkin' all that shit
Lookin' ta start somethin'
Me and my dawgs been down fo straight thumpin'

Don't know we droppin' directly behind our chin (whoo)
Knockin' fools out
Pick 'em out
And knock 'em out again (blah)
Slugs and frugs go fallin' to the floor (yup)
Feet start skufflin'
Moving towards the door (ahh!)
And there go Foe Foe
Drawn back with a haymake (what)
Hit the bitch so hard
That her man's leg shake
Whoo Whoo!
That's be the battle call
Straight north coast
Fuck the southern jaw (yeah)
Do them thangs
Some eyes got swole (haha)
Look down and it was 6 a them hoes (bitch)
Punk mothafucka better recognize 5 times (ye-yeah)
Up for a beating 'cause you got fucked up

Gangsta, Gangsta
Come and get some
Gangsta, Gangsta
Lil' boy
Gangsta, Gangsta
You don't want none

Yeah, that's how we come stompin' on mothafuckas (whoo whoo)
(Right Right) Straight thumpin' in the club (thumpin' in the club, thumpin' in the club)
Straight dumpin' on suckas everywhere, you know what I'm sayin'
All you bitch ass nigga think you can step to the Ryda
We'll put the gats away (whoo whoo) and come see your momma with them 5th hoe
Bring it to the streets mafucka
Ain't no punks on my team
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