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She Ain't Afraid Lyrics

Psychopathic Rydas – She Ain't Afraid Lyrics

[Monoxide Child]
Let's get high and just fuck.
I hit ya till ya bleed.
And we can just blame it on the weed.
Little freak.
Sucking me off makin my knees weak.
Rubbin my nuts when I cum makin my face tweak.
She makes me feel like a champion.
Late night when I call she knows what happenin.
I got a box of condoms and a mind full of tricks.
I freak just for fuckin and my balls and my dick get started.
Legs parted.
I hit it so hard the pussy farted.
And now it's time to departed.
She took the rubber off and stuck it in her mouth.
It felt like I came from down south.
Know about it.
Pussy pleasin's just a part of the game.
Ya gotta bang it till the balls right off.
I do the same.
Rub my dick in cocaine.
And freak some nasty shit.
It ain't the same without the flame bring the flavor bit.
Two or one's not a problem.
So you can bring your girl.
And I can get the best of both worlds.
Fuck it till I hurl.
Toes fell off.
Fuck a girl.
She kept nibblin my nuts like a squirrel.
I hit the weed and flick the ash on her back.
Fuckin her friend in the face until her jaw snap.
Oh shit!
I can see her suckin on her tits.
And I can't help but notice four fingers in her clit.
She's a pro.
I thought I saw her pussy glow.
It coulda been the sweat in my eyes.
I don't know.
For sure this freaks the shit.
For lovin' dick is sick.
But man I love that fat bitch.

[Chorus 2x]
She ain't afraid to admit she likes dick.
And she ain't afraid to admit she likes her pussy licked.
She ain't afraid to let me fuck her in the ass.
And always got her mouth open for the cum splash.

[Jamie Maddrox]
Excuse me lady.
Did ya say ya like to fuck?
Drop my drawers to my ankles.
Give my dick a suck.
You like it rough.
I can feel my shit swellin and expandin.
A one way trip down south.
The crash landin.
Right in your pink fun.
I get the job done.
Daddy was a pistol and I'm a son-of-a-gun.
As I shoot my load on your chest and titties.
Gotta get my shit.
We off to the next city.
Go a long way just so I can grind ya.
Got enough dick for Ms. McCoffey and the 50 singles hoes behind her.
A sidewinder.
Never liked the old time of keepin hoes properly worked like Jane
My anaconda got a mushroom cap and an immense cravin for your pussy
Keep ya movin like that.
My dick gets hard as steel.
And I'ma freak that ass with some more sex appeal.
Tell me how ya feel when I push it all in.
Eyes roll in the back of ya head.
And ya start to grin.
If sex was sin then a wicked bitch ya be.
With creepy ass titties and a hairy ass pussy.
So ride my broomstick until ya hear me cum.
And school me on the methods of ya pink fun.

[Chorus 2x]

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
Know what I'm sayin?
Yo, this be the Shaggy.
Down with the Psychopathic Family.
Down with Twiztid, G.
Know what I'm sayin.
Yo, check it out.
I don't give a fuck.
I like to get skins.
I don't know about you mu fuckas.
But yo, I like em big.
I don't give a fuck what.
I like em skinny, bald, retarded, crippled, spines on the back.
I don't give no fuck.
800 pound bitch come here sweety.
I'ma fuckin' tie ya shit in a knot and tap that shit.
Ya know what I'm sayin.
Cause I love me some skins.
I ain't goin' lyin' around.
Ya know what I'm sayin.
I eat a fuckin' 900 pound bitch's neden from the back.
Ya know what I'm sayin.
Wrap her legs backwards into a boston crab and go to work.
Ya know what I'm sayin.
Fuck that shit.
I ain't no fuckin' fag like that.
I like them stubbly so there whiskers tickle my balls when they suck
my dick.
Ya know what I'm sayin.
I don't give a fuck.
Bring it on!
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