In the back room getting high
That's where suzanna comes to stay
Hiding in the closet for a while
The innocent peaked out in shame

Suzana will you sit by me?
Said the man with nothing on his face
You're looking ill, your looking wonderfully done
Suzanna runaway as she hersan angel say

Suzanna, runaway
I want you-need you here
Where winners win and lose in shame
Suzanna runaway

With a weird look in her eye
The young girl's feeling strange
Paralyzed to feel, she only smiles
As she takes it in and then exhales

Smoke-filled rooma unique place
One she's never been before
She's looking ill, she's loking wrongfully done
Suzanna, runaway as she hears an angel say


Don't you cry Suzanna
Don't you cry for me (x3)

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Suzanna Lyrics

Pseudopod – Suzanna Lyrics

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