I hide inside a quite place
Where I just sit and listen

Insistent on the thoughts that
Mothers kill their only children

The thickness of your silence
Weighs upon my sole allegiance

You're creeping through the weeds
So slow to move like black molasses
Summoning sickness must have
Stopped you in your quest for vengeance

Throw your creature into the fire
Let it burn, let it burn
And give me what I'd love to acquire
You will learn, you will learn
Play me like a pristine empire
You will burn, you will burn
And give me your life, oh the entire
It's my turn, it's my turn

(MTG! )

I'm waiting inside the place
That I've been for many million years

Come find me I will break your
Soul in half and eat your tears

I'll be your one endeavor
I'll be your sacred, be your savior

Don't shy away from thoughts
You never knew, don't run and hide
I'll hunt the beast inside
You'll eat my heart now open wide


(MTG! )

Seven Seven creature
Shroud your mind and
Trample on your lonely soul
Deal damage to your life and I'll
Steal your babies
You have no control
I'm flying high above the plains
And castles you could never breach
I'll steal your life
I'm flying higher than even
Your eight legs could reach

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Pseudo Nein – MTG Lyrics

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