His step is fallin hard tonight. eve has long broken,
Cold black fell open,

Shine burns through fog we sought for shelter from that
Light. It's time we eat that dust up and take It in. It's
Where we come from, where were goin, where we sin. We're
The boots put us on tie us up, You're the Feet, You're
The Blood, we're the cup runneth over, runneth over me.

The cold moon is looking down on me

It shines my crooked face, my wretched bones, my losing
Race. There's no escape, these cruel eyes of stone. Alone
Alone alone with that cold moon. Oh Lord oh Lord oh Lord
You said You were comin soon

Good God it's You we love yeah. Good God look up above,
There we are smiling down on You

Step in me fill me up, we're the boots we're the cup
Runneth over, runneth over me

Save us from all we've done with the blood of our
Father's Son until that moon turns blood red, until my
Wretched face has gone and fled, until that moon is
Washed anew, until these bones can rest again with
You... with You... with You.
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Momamic Lyrics

Psalters – Momamic Lyrics

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