I swear I'm not a bad man, you find running in the streets
I swear I'm not the one who fights, or flees from their defeats
I swear I'll bring you sunshine, in every broken little dream
I swear I'm not a bad man, woah

And I'm burning in my soul for your touch and kiss and I'm
Drowning in the hole that I dug
Why, don't you cut me up and see
What I am made of
Why, Can't you just believe what I say
[Woah woah, I swear I swear I'm not a bad man]

I swear I'm not a bad man
Who can lure you into sleep
I swear I'm not that type
Who can break your heart in bleak
I swear I can't fool around with every girl that I meet
I swear I'm not a badman, you think...

Repeat Chorus.
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Bad Man Lyrics

Pry – Bad Man Lyrics

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