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Huhhh Lyrics

PRXJEK – Huhhh Lyrics


[Verse 1: The Born Dead]
Aye, aye, esé, okay
Uh, for God, stop that
Murder the killer
I'm going out like a cheater
So super-subzero [?]
To supernatural breather
But skinny deeper than [?]
I am going loko no kokono
[?] the demons
Cut mother [?], the screamers
My name Crank
You was stuck in a cinema
You ain't fast
Swear to God, I don't give a fuck
Every single level I get higher than the devil

[Verse 2: PRXJEK]
Colder than Frieze, yeah, bitch, I'm cooler, aye
Your bitch, she blew me just like a tuba, aye
I just might take a trip to Aruba, uh
Flex on my ex, oh well, no Beluga, aye
Who the fuck wanna pull up?
I'm suited up, lined with shooters
Akuma, Ryu, Hadouken (Yuh, aye)
I kick in the door, we move in (Yuh)
Position, no Kama Sutra (Aye)
These rappers, I call them puta (Yuh)
I flip them off, putting two up (Yuh, yuh)
They saying that I am full of myself (Yuh)

[Interlude: PRXJEK]
Hold up, let's speed it up a bit

[Verse 3: PRXJEK]
Catching a body
And then I'm getting some toppy
She riding me, Maserati
Kick her out, no karate
I made her walk like a zombie
They love me 'cause I be popping
Bust in her mouth like a shotty
Your girlfriend tell me she want me (Aye, aye)
Going deep when I'm in her guts
Pin her down then I pick her up
Got her blowing like Mrs. Puff
FVLLEN VNGELS be blowing up
Trust me, dude, you ain't sick enough
Homie, you should just give it up
Promise you, I ain't regular
Cook you like some oregano, yeah, it's Jay
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