We are the ones, we're living inside of yesterday.
We are the ones, we're searching for a better way.
The days are getting longer,
And the nights won't seem to fucking end.
Stand with me and I promise you
We'll make it through the bitter end,
Through the bitter end.

We haven't been cast away,
Just hopelessly set adrift.
To sadder shores we sail,
In hopes of something better than this.

For all the January 24th kids,
With the sealed eye lids.
Living out their desperate days,
And endless nights of sadness.
There must be a place better than this.

Blazing through our yesterdays, and burning through tomorrows.
We gotta find a way outta this place,
By setting fire to today.
The last supper kids with the sutured dreams,
And the what could have beens,
And in the loudest moments of silence,
We fortify this dream.


Kill the lights, fade to back.
Redefine happiness, rust never sleeps.
Take my hand and join me,
Because you too come from a world
Far more full of weeping than they can understand.
We are the ones, living inside of yesterday
We are the ones, and we're dreaming for,
Our better days.
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Tell Your Friends To Run Lyrics

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