Safety - a God to you
Myriad in choice, but a selective social view
The choice of your power, the choice of your wealth
The wealth of your choice, for you no one else

Your ultimate precognition of safety
Lives through your memory of the womb
Forcing ambition to override reasoning
Green personification from birth to the tomb

My mind's eye can see your weak inhibition
As reasons to help or kill jostle for position
Even your safety is safe (an egoist obsession)
A shield hewn from ignorance to deflect my objection

You respect only those who prostrate to your farce
These fools suffer to serve as we rot in their path
But our safety is our knowledge - the knowledge we've been led
Join our raze against time and remove what was said

You're unsafe now we're safe and I show that I know

That you show you don't care and care only for show
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Raze Against Time (Experimental Headphone Mix) Lyrics

Prophecy Of Doom – Raze Against Time (Experimental Headphone Mix) Lyrics