No one knows what the end of the world will be like.
We can only imagine

Destruction, of everything you've every known.
The Seducing downfall, the decaying of your soul.
Minds turned to black, hearts becoming cold.
This is it, Now watch our fates unfold.
This is the end. This is where you fall.

Your failure is so routine, You mistake this for a dream.
But when you 'wake' no one will be there waiting for you.

Cast Out in vain, there you will remain.
Weighed down by all the things you never were.
There will be no surprises, watch as the tide rises,
A bath of irony as you drown in your own tears
And all the things you ever were, or ever would become, are no more.

You can't fight this fleeting feeling,
Controlled by your weakness, even in times as these

Fear controlls your respiration; inhale hate, breathe betrayal.
The sky is burning, like the day eden fell

Don't you see? all this is above you. all this is above me...
We're so absorbed by our demons of conquest,
You're so addicted to the power you've suppressed.

Arrogant men of war, march their countries name to the grave.
Now bound by white crosses, buried under the mound of earth they died to save
I am not the enemy, but I speak for the helpless and poor.
I am only the voice of fate, knocking on your door.
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Cast Out Lyrics

Promise Me The Moon – Cast Out Lyrics

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