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C.I.U. Lyrics

Promise Land – C.I.U. Lyrics

In this room – The flag within my hand.
All that is has been taken from this man. (Oh Lord) Could he know the truth? (Did he know?) Is there a way?
(Did he see?) Did Your light come through? (From my life untold)
(All these years) So many years the truth I have known.
Yet I never shared and now he’s gone.

There we are as if it was yesterday.
Side by side, honors bestowed, for serving the, “Thin Blue Line”.
Through all this time and protected lives, we come to appreciate (oh) —
What life could give each day we live.
But I never would have thought it would come down to this - And Now!

I should share Your light in my life.
Who Was, Who Is and Who is yet to come.
Your Truth – Your Love – Let it shine through me.
I’ll share the hope, Oh Jesus, that’s found in You.

[Verse 2:]
That day so clear – They were pulled to the side for their crime.
Two in the 'Focus' while approaching the door,
I could sense there’s been alcohol.
Back of the car, judging one’s balance, I didn’t see the gun drawn.
Oh I’m pushed to the ground, my partner's been taken down!
I just can’t believe he took the bullet for me! And Now!


[Ending/Vocal Counterpart]
(Vocal 1)
Take every chance – To share Jesus Christ, God’s only Son.

(Vocal 2)In an age with morals forsaken, do we hide and let Christ be taken, from the world that we see?
Can we measure the time life ends here?
Holy Salvation or Damnation? Share the Truth that sets us free.

(Vocal 3)
Testify of Jesus to everyone.
Christ In Us is all that they’ll see. (Christ in Us – Christ in Us)

(Vocals 4)
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