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An Ancient Chaos Lyrics

Promethean – An Ancient Chaos Lyrics

Darkness engulfs the atmosphere, springing from its existence
Chaos, a gaping void will encompass the entire universe.
Derived directly from the union of darkness and chaos.
Erebus the darkness of the underworld has formed.
Nyx and Erebus have formed massive negative entities.

Moros and Thanatos
Has embodied the earth with doom and death
The terror from these two will never subside
Now we fear doom and death every single day.

Moros and Thanatos
Doom and Death

Through parthenogenesis the deiite gaia,
Has conceived this earth with Uranus the sky
From Gaia herself the rest of the world will come to shape.
Amidst all the formation of the earth,
The deities will bring forth other divinities,
The over-reaches will reign down on the earth,
The birth of the devine beings will be the end of Uranus.

Titans persuaded and instructed, by the god of all things.
Revenge will take place causing the throne to be over turned.

Blood will spill from the father of the earth.
The materialization of the armour bracing race.
The giants, the aggravated beings
The last continuing races of Cronus.
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