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Ecstasy Lyrics

Promatic – Ecstasy Lyrics

[Intro: Dogmatic]
Ecstasy, ecstasy
You and me, she's a bad bad girl

When I first took you out my dog told me
One half of ya love was all I could take
And maybe not to hang wit you (uh huh)
But I did it anyway, it was like I was dreamin'
Damn near had a nigga creamin'
You a bad girl, that make me feel so good
Good times when I'm ridin' through the hood
But is it real?
You make my wack life seem nice
But it's only when I'm hangin' wit you, it seems like
That it's alright not to fight
Ain't no violent activities, not tonight
We just chillin' for some reason I don't wanna buck
Ecstasy keep tantilizin' me the fuck
She freak and she flirt wit'a everytime
But if I don't somebody else will, I don't mind
She so live that sharin' her ain't a bother
All we need to get her started is a bottle water
And it's on

[Hook: females singing - repeat 2X]
Baby, why do you feel so good to me?
Put a hump in my back when ya lovin' me
Is that why they call you ecstasy, ecstasy

You know how violent I be
High off Tylenol three
Flyin' for free
But plans of dyin' off E
Vitamin C, Vicks, inhalers
Trips to Vegas, spit to haters
Tell yo bitch to wait up
Teeth grindin', zonin', eyes wide
Sippin' oj moanin' "My mind fried"
Game spittin', tryna fuck a slut
Off two and a half and some ass
(hey) Bust a nut
One more ("Proof No!!")
But she make me so truthful and useful
Your beautiful let's get ya body uncovered
But first I gotta call my mother
And tell her I love her
I'm not a addict I can stop whenever
But every since I met her yo my life been better
Don't worry about them grudges girl
But you don't make me wanna fuck
You make me wanna love this world

- repeat 2X

It's four in the mournin'
Bizarre's feelin' nice
Got two pills for my man Obie Trice (what up Obie)
I'm on the freeway, bobbin' and weavin' (wooooo!!)
Got me smilin' for no reason (haha!!)
L. I., bitch up in the ride
So you can get fucked raw behind the giant slide (uh)
Tonight, Bizarre done took about eight
(Oh, you smokin' this weed?)
Nah nigga, I'm straight
They say the X be fuckin' wit the spine
But fuck that it make Bizarre nut 17 times (don't give a fuck)
Bitch before I popped this pill I had no friends
Now I got more game than Pimpin' Ken
Go home, I stay at the club
Cuz momma don't wanna see her little boy on drugs
And hell naw I ain't no drug addict
Bitch pop this pill, and fuck Dogmatic (whore)

[Female - Repeat 6X]

- repeat 2X
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