We have come so far
Far enough to prove we're not a phase
A waste of time
Amongst the autumn leaves
That little something that you left behind
You'll never miss the things you never had

The things you never had!

From the first time I ever saw you
I always knew, I always knew!

I can't forget how it was and how
We struggled like the rest
But now I've found a light
Amongst the shadows

We're thankful to be part of your world
So grateful since you let me in

Surrounded by these fakes
The false, the phonies lost along the way
They make me sick
But now it all has changed
We've never followed, never fallen back
True colors are much brighter than you think

Seems like a lifetime of waiting
But now I finally belong!

Embracing the waves as the tide starts to change
A moment so perfect the sky meets the ocean
Amongst the all the chaos the light starts to fade
A moment so perfect the stars tear the heavens

The tide has changed.
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The Tide Has Changed Lyrics

Prolong The Agony – The Tide Has Changed Lyrics

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