Backroom banditos, crucifixion put aff for the next 10
Minutes. Jesus Gil emerges from the boardroom, visibly
Broken, sweat pouring down his face, or so you think...

Athletico must conquer the mighty Real's stranglehold
Athletico must be ready to take over the mantle

Jesus Gil once said of his supporters: "They're a bunch
Layabouts from the lower classes. A member who doesn't
Have a drug addict in the family, will probably have a
Prostitute. "

Still regaining 60% of support from the supporter.
Jesus Gil.
Jesus Gil, scored the highest rankings from the highest
Meddling and bankings. Underhanded operations were his
Forte. Overhead wans tae.

He never hit the crossbar, he never hit the posts,
Straight in
The goal. The Bank of Spain is cancer.

... To Jesus Gil.

The Bank of Spain - cancer.

He was the guy that put the supporter behind him and
The supporters with him all the way. Horrible, sweaty,
Gargantuan guy that naebody liked. Athletico must get
Of Real.
Jesus Gil.

Killed a lot of restaurant owners, built the place
Himself, did
The architecture, didnae tell anybody. 68 killed, 5
Ј2, 000, 000 fined.


A pistol at the head of the echelons of fitba', Espana.
Cannae be a bad thing it can only be wan ae tha things
Makes for good fitba'.
Jesus Gil.


Jesus Gil
Jesus Gil
Corporate smoothie wae a record as long as his arm

... "GOAL"
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Surreal Madrid Lyrics

Prolapse – Surreal Madrid Lyrics