Hey pass me a beer man
Yea an that nigga been standinin the same god damn spot slang that shit for the last 4 or 5 days man.
With the same clothes on. He haven't even been home yet. I don't even think so. I wonder if he smokin or sellin that shit he gotta be smokin or snortin sumthin for his ass to be up 4 or 5 days. I heard these shots go by. For real. That's the reason why he prolly can't go home. Yea you kno lil what's it called been missin too man. I think that's the nigga he been frontin that money to. That's why the police been drivin arouns o hard.

Blunt to my lips
Gun on my head.
Rocks in my sock.
Pocket full of chips.
Watchin' for the pigs
Splittin hatters wigs.
Packin' me some grip'.
Player can ya dig.(2x)

Project Pat a nigga that's down for the crown man.
If yo ass step Imma be down town man.
4th core crown man
That's if I get caught man
Pushed me to the edge so it really aint my fault man
See I got a dime man
Don't you even try man
......... When I let these bullets fly man
Momma gonna cry man
I like to get high man
Niggas passin plates snortin line after line man
I gots to get mine man
Robbin was the crime man
But a niggs did and I done served my time man
Put that all behind man
Get out on the grind man
Slang some of that dopein the street or my ride man
See I aint a fool man
Fuck this....... And you man
Whhy you in my grill and you knowin we aint cool man
Project aint a duck man
Se I kno what's up man
Get up of my dick like a motha fuckin s*** man.

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Out There, Pt. 1 (Skit) Lyrics

Project Pat – Out There, Pt. 1 (Skit) Lyrics