So arm yourself
When you think it's time to fight for what you think is right
Your wits won't dodge all the hits
The strength you possess won't always stand the test
Everyone has fallen to their knees
So now while you can, put on the full armour
And take your stand when your enemy is near
You won't be overcome with fear

Their attacks come swift so take your hits
But you'll stand once more
Don't let adversity and pain bring you down
At all times be ready, be brave
Friend or foe, no one will know until it's too late
Then you feel the knife is sliding deeper in your back

This world is a battleground
And their legions come to tear what we built down
With lies they'll try and some will fall
But all should heed this call

For those who destroy you will fall
You'll fall, you'll fall one day
For all the times that you preyed
On the weak and the poor it will add another chain

So arm yourself for all time
With truth and wisdom by your side
Honour those who honour you in return
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Arm Yourself Lyrics

Profugus Mortis – Arm Yourself Lyrics