Play the field
Written By: Larry "LaPret" Pretlow ii
Performed By: Profound Intent / Published By: Lapret World ent

(Mizz Redz Rap)
Now lately you been actin' crazy and baby you been talkin' crazy /
You act as if I'm not ya girl but more like a slave trapped in yo world /
Yo it's M-I-Z-Z are-E-D-Z I'm better than this don't have to take this believe me /
I'm so sick of feelin like I ain't enough if you love something let it go so I'm giving you up

(Verse 1: Misty)
Baby I don't know why but, I'm feelin as if am con-founded to you despite, all the hell you put me through /
See I know that I can be much more than what you see / I don't need you stressin' on me /
Baby here's my chance I'm breakin' free

(Pre-Hook) Lil'Ace {Misty}
I think it's time that I pack up my clothes and get out / Be seen and stretch my feet /
See what else is out there for me / See what this world is about /
Get my hands high and shout out / This is a brand new me
{Ohh baby, baby, baby, baby}

[Hook:] Lil'Ace
I gotta see what's the deal / this could change how I feel /
I'm so sick of poppin' these pills / I think it's time I play the field
(say twice)

[Verse 2: Misty)
I'm a explore my options and, see what I been missin' wit /
No hesitation for separation comes my relaxation /
Sorry but it's been a change in plans, no it won't be no holdin' hands /
'cause I'm movin' on / Baby so much for wishful thinkin'

(Repeat Pre-Hook) / (Repeat Hook)

[Bridge:] Misty, Lil'Ace
You don't take me where you wanna go / You act as if I'm not your girl /
Baby I must, play the field
Yo, I think it's time that we part ways / Yo, all this stress it's not a game
Baby your killing me, I think it's time I play the field

(Break) Misty, Lil'Ace
The field, the field, I think it's time I play the field

(Repeat Hook) say once

(Lapret Rap) {Misty)
Yo, it's that time that I break away 'cause honestly I can't take another day /
Of all this stress the heartache and the pain (yo, baby it is killing me)
Yo, I think it's time that I play the field, 'cause ain't much happenin' for me here /
Yo, I'm on that midnight train to Georgia (baby I think it's time I play the field)

© 2006 Lapret. All Rights Reserved.
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Play The Field Lyrics

Profound Intent – Play The Field Lyrics

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