It's about Tommy Hearns not the Italian Stallion, we roll to the Main street Coney Island, motorcycle crew parked in front of Fudruckers, Detroit 187 should have been a blockbuster, rolling in the D you never know who you might see, automobile makers, Anita Baker, rolling on Conner's I saw Madonna got caught in traffic I saw Dan Patrick, a sports analyst on E.S.P.N. he can tell you the story from beginning to end, so when you rolling in the D you better listen to me, the Renaissance Center is so unique, we got Joe Louis arena, Comerica Park, the Detroit Pistons and the Shock, we got the Lions and the Tigers too, they signed Prince Fielder but they're not through.


We don't roll no beamer's, benz's, lexus coupe's, we drive ford's chevy's and Cadillac hoops, say what, that's how we roll in the D baby, a say what that's how we roll in the D
Repeat 1 more time


I'm the Man they call Dan cruising in the D, I was born and raised in the Washington, DC, like Patty Labelle singing on my own, I'm articulating on the microphone, I wish all you fake hater's just leave me alone, cause you know I'm the King sitting on my throne, I wait for somebody to step and then react my lucky number's 44 like the PRES. BARACK, I'm hard as nails don't hang with the tacks don't need your opinion just deal with the facts can't rock the khakis, gotta go with my slacks I'm down with Le'bron because Kobe is wack so when you in the D come get with me I'll be spitting my lyrics at studio three while everybody's in my space with a smile on their face Dana's thumping down the street in her Ford Escape.

HOOK 2'times

Detroit, Michigan, also known as the Motor City, also known as Mo-Town home of the Four Tops, Diana Ross and the Supreme's, Smoky Robinson, Barry Gordy, just to name a few you see in Detroit we drive American cars it's about giving back to the community the Auto Workers have worked long and hard to produce quality cars General Motors, Chrysler Ford, Lincoln Mercury that is why and how we roll in the D yall because

HOOK '2 times
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Rolling In The D Lyrics

Profit D – Rolling In The D Lyrics

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